What is Sentient?

Able to preceive and feel;
having the capacity to
experience subjectively

We can divide the world in many ways:

blacks and whites, man and women, plants and animals.

But when we put the moral glasses on, only one division remains: sentient and non-sentient. whoever has consciousness, can experience subjectively.

And though this unique word, Sentient, is not known to many, it is perhaps the most important one in the language. It encapsulates all that matters –

the subjective experiences of conscious living beings.

We know humanity account for a very small amount of the world’s sentience. Most sentient beings are non-human animals. All vertebrates are sentient, whether they are macaque monkeys in the wild, or pigs on factory farms.

Some invertebrates are also definitely sentient, like octopuses. Science has yet to tell us when the subjective experiences in the animal kingdom starts, but some animals lack and brain or central nervous system, and thus cannot suffer. Never the less, there are so many that we know are having subjective experiences, which are not inferior to yours,

and these experiences are dominated by humans.

There are at least hundreds of billions of sentient wild animals at any given time, which are undergoing massive animal genocide by humans (heperlink to the page about animal genocide), and hundreds of billions of farm animals which are slaughtered after a short, brutal life, every year. These animals account for almost all of the suffering on earth. Our mission is to help them, to reduce suffering on the planet.

Our mission is to help them, to reduce suffering on the planet.

We are Sentient – for all who can feel.


Sentient was formed in the beginning of 2017 by a group of activists from different fields; journalism, technology, psychology, social media and more. We are an International investigative non-profit for farm animals and wild animals. We collaborate with different organizations around the world for joint investigations and activities.

We specialize in unique fiming and cutting edge technologies of cameras,

in order to create a different experience for the viewers, and show them what the animals are seeing, from their point of view.

Check out our “through their eyes” first investigation.


Ronen Bar

The founder of the organization. Ronen is an Israeli journalist and activist, whose investigations in Israel and worldwide have triggered wide public debates and brought about class actions, criminal prosecutions, new legislation and much more.

Shay Fellner

Our video editor and director.

Rani Windmiller

Content creator


Our head undercover investigator. With years of experience, she specializes in unique undercover filming that makes you wonder whether there was a whole filming crew inside the slaughterhouse

Sagi Agmon

Attorney Sagi Agmon is our highbrow top-notch legal advisor. With long years of experience in animal rights and environmental law, he can bore the socks off of anyone who stands in our way and deliver the most astounding results.

Daniela Kurtz

Marketing expert and facebook manager.